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Foreign Domestic Worker Grant

The FDW Grant is a monthly grant of $120 to support families who need to hire a foreign domestic worker to care for the frail elderly and persons with at least moderate disability.

You are eligible for the grant if you meet all of the following criteria:

a) Citizenship
• If you are the employer of the FDW for your care recipient, if he/ she is
• Below 65 years old: must be a Singapore citizen
• 65 years and above: Singapore citizen or a Permanent Resident (if he/ she is a PR, you must be a Singapore citizen).

If you are the employer and care recipient, you must be a Singapore citizen.

b) Relationship with care recipient
You must be a family member, and must live together with the care recipient at the same NRIC-registered address.

c) Medical assessment
The care recipient must have permanent moderate disability as assessed by a Singapore-registered doctor. The doctor will complete a Functional Assessment Report which you have to send to Agency for Integrated Care.

d) Household income
Your household monthly income per person must be $2,600 and less. If your household has no income, the Annual Value of your property must be less than $13,000.

e) FDW Training
Your FDW is required to attend the relevant caregivers' training courses approved by AIC. 

Visit the Singapore Silver Pages to find out more about the grant, download the application forms, or find out who to speak to for assistance. 

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