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AIC Learning Institute

AIC Learning Institute is the Agency for Integrated Care’s centre of excellence for building the professionalism and competence of the Long-Term Care workforce.

It signifies AIC’s continual commitment to equip the Long-Term Care workforce with relevant skills and enhance the learning experiences for those working in the sector. Working in close collaboration with our valued step-down care partners, we seek to improve the capabilities of the Long-Term Care sector by being a training gateway to a wide range of workforce developmental and skills training programmes, from nursing to leadership courses.

We hope to raise the importance of training and continuous learning among our partners. With emphasis on staff training and knowledge sharing, our partners would be able to enhance organisational efficiency and raise staff capability to deliver better health outcomes.

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Health Manpower Development Programme for the Intermediate and Long-Term Care (HMDP-ILTC)

Health Manpower Development Programme – Intermediate and Long-Term Care (HMDP-ILTC) was launched by the Ministry of Health in 2002 and is now administered by the Agency for Integrated Care since 2009.

HMDP-ILTC aims to develop the manpower capabilities of service providers, so as to improve the quality and range of step-down care services to meet Singapore’s evolving national needs. AIC has identified four priority training areas for the step-down care sector to meet the emerging needs of our ageing population. Such training, whether conducted locally or overseas, will receive 100% funding support.

The two schemes under the programme are Fellowship Scheme and Visiting Expert Scheme.  Service providers may apply for the Fellowship Scheme for advanced skills training of their staff either locally or overseas, or to invite overseas experts to Singapore under the Visiting Expert Scheme. There are two calls for applications in a year, in January and June.

To know more about this programme and the eligibility criteria, click here.

AIC-INSEAD Executive Development Award

Strong leadership is crucial to the continual process of working towards an excellent and self-sustainable ILTC sector. Hence, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) is honoured to partner INSEAD to offer the AIC-INSEAD Executive Development Award to deserving leaders and up and coming talents of the ILTC sector.

Through these executive education programmes, managers and leaders will be able to acquire relevant skills and benefit from the strategic and innovative business methods taught by INSEAD and apply them back at their workplace.

A total of 5 AIC-INSEAD Executive Development Awards would be offered for 2 INSEAD programmes :
Asian International Executive Progamme (AIEP)
Management Acceleration Programme (MAP)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident
  • At least eight (8) years of working experience, with at least two (2) years and an outstanding track record, in the ILTC sector
  • Must hold a role in strategic decision making, shaping the direction, mission, policies and major programmes of their ILTC institution
  • Possess a strong interest in and commitment to the development of the ILTC sector
  • Applicant must have the endorsement of the Governing Board of their respective ILTC institution Terms and Conditions
  • To ensure application of learning to further the Institution's vision and mission, successful applicants are required to fulfill a 9-month minimum service period or 1-year bond period.

Application Details
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Application Guide
Application Form
Please submit your application form to AIC by 18 March 2011.

Successful applicants will be further assessed based on admission criteria as judged by the INSEAD faculty Programme Director, to ensure a suitable fit and the ability of the candidates to effectively contribute to the pool of managerial elites in Singapore.

For more information on the application process, please contact Ms Janice Lee at email address: Janice.lee@aic.sg; contact number: 6632-1092

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