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Primary Care Services

General Practitioners (GPs) in Singapore have successfully provided front line primary care to our population. With an ageing population and the rise in chronic diseases, GPs are well placed to continue providing needed care for our people.

We work closely with the GPs to address this changing pattern of disease. By facilitating provider networks, providing shared resources, and piloting new models of care, we aim to continue to meet the health aspirations of our people as they transition across the health continuum.

If you would like to collaborate with us, you may email us at gp@aic.sg.

Primary Care Pages, an online portal for primary care professionals

The Primary Care Pages portal enables healthcare professionals to network and find useful information relevant to their work.  Other than events and happenings, there are links to health-related information and a directory of health professionals and providers. Users can also share their views about their profession and work, the sector and other healthcare initiatives through online surveys and forums. 

Visit www.primarycarepages.sg to find out more.


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