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Care Referral Forms

Long-Term Care Services in Singapore

AIC is the single agency that co-ordinates referrals and provides social and healthcare information and services for elderly patients and their caregivers.

As a healthcare professional, you often have to make suitable recommendations to your patients and their family members about the services appropriate to their needs. Click here for an overview of the Long-Term Care services in Singapore, to help you better advise your patients

We have set up a dedicated line for healthcare professionals at respective clusters to contact us for all referral services.



CGH / SACH / BVH/Miscellaneous
 Tel:  66036932
 Fax: 68200732     
NUH / AH / IMH / SLH  
 Tel:  66036929
 Fax: 68200729 
SGH / AMKH / KWSH/Polyclinic  Tel:  66036930
 Fax: 68200730
TTSH / KTPH / RCH  Tel:  66036931
 Fax: 68200731











Disability Services


SG Enable now oversees services for persons with disabilities. For more information on SG enable, please logon to www.sgenable.sg


Contact Us

Agency for Integrated Care
5 Maxwell Road,
#10-00 Tower Block, MND Complex,
Singapore 069110
Tel: +65 6603 6800
Fax: +65 6820 0728
Email: enquiries@aic.sg

Please click here to chat with one of our Client Relations Associates.

Referral Services
7 Maxwell Road,
#05-01 Annexe B MND Complex,
Singapore 069111

Click to download forms for the following:
•  Day Rehabilitation / Day Care / Dementia Daycare   

•  Home Medical / Home Nursing / Home Therapy / Home Help    


Click here to log into the e-referral system.

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