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Quality Improvement Hand Hygiene Programme

  • Objective
  • Eligibility
  • Application
  • Qualifying expenses
  • Funding cap and duration
  • Assessment and evaluation process
  • Enquiries  

    This project enables institutions to provide:

    • A hand hygiene training programme within their facility
    • Seed funding for holders and alcohol-based handrubs
    • Implement hand hygiene point-of-care 

    This initiative improves Hand Hygiene related processes and builds capability on matters relating to prevention and control of infections.

    This programme is open to ILTC residential institutions.

    Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) interested in this programme can apply through AIC. Upon approval of application, AIC will send an award letter to the institution.

    Qualifying expenses
    - Training and course materials
    - Implementation of hand hygiene point-of-care (alcohol-based handrubs at certain points for staff to clean their hands)
    - Promotional activities

    Reimbursement will be made to the participating institutions if the following conditions are met:

    • Completion of measures within 6 months of the course’s commencement
    • Complete the baseline data of the hand hygiene practice in accordance to the method stated in the course
    • Conduct a hand hygiene promotional activity
    • Implement alcohol-based handrub point-of-care
    • Monitor hand hygiene practices
    • Submission of a final report

    Funding cap and duration
    Provided on a reimbursement basis as per funding proposal after the completion of the 6 months project (inclusive of report submission).

    Assessment and evaluation process
    AIC's Quality Management (QM) team will consider and approve applications. Implementation and the post-implementation phase of the project will be monitored by AIC. 

    For enquiries, please contact Leong Chin Jong at 66321131 or chin.jong.leong@aic.sg.

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