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Nursing Home

About Nursing Homes (NH)s
  - Waiting time
  - Available subsidies
  - Applying for subsidies
  - Amount of subsidies
Things to know

Choosing a nursing home (NH) needs careful planning because it is a long-term commitment. For your loved one, it also means they will be leaving a familiar home environment for a new one and hence, will need time to adjust.

Click here to find out more on how to choose a NH.

What kind of care does your loved one receive in a NH?

Deciding if a NH is suitable or not?


 Be touched by a love story in a NH.



• Nursing care
• Assistance in daily living activities like toileting, eating, etc


Who can apply

Your loved one must meet all the following criteria:

tickbox Have physical or mental disabilities because of medical conditions like stroke, dementia and other chronic illnesses
tickbox  Semi-mobile, wheelchair or bed-bound and need daily nursing care and help in daily living activities such as toileting, walking, etc
tickbox  Tried all possible care arrangements such as hiring a domestic helper, day care, home care, etc
tickbox  Not able to be cared for at home by other family members or community providers
tickbox  Pass the means-test for long-term care subsidies

 Waiting Time

The waiting time for admission to a VWO NH varies according to the following:

● availability of beds
● type of nursing care needed i.e., dementia care, psychiatric or chronic sickness
● patient’s needs
● co-operation from the family in meeting the necessary requirements, such as
responding to interview appointment and preparing documents for verification

Estimated charges (before Means Testing)

$1200 to $3500 per month.

Available subsidies

tickbox Medifund-Claimable


* For selected VWO nursing homes and private nursing homes with portable government subsidies; applicable for subsidised patients only. If your loved one is a Singapore Citizen and is unable to afford his/her stay at a VWO NH or Private NHs (with Govt Portable Subsidies), he/she may approach a medical social worker to apply for Medifund assistance.



tickbox Eldershield-Claimable 

* Via cash payment.

Applying subsidies for your loved one


Amount of subsidies

Depending on your loved one’s family income, the subsidies can range from 10%
to 75%. Click here for more information.

Things to know

1) If your loved one have difficulty bearing his/her nursing fees, you can seek help from:

• Private NH administrator (if he/she is staying at one currently)
• Doctor or medical social worker at a hospital or polyclinic (if he/she is a patient of a
hospital or polyclinic)
• Community Development Council (if he/she does not fall into any of the above categories)

2) If your loved one is not seeking medical aid at an acute care hospital or polyclinic,
he/she can apply for a placement at a government-funded NH at the CDC.

3) AIC will reject your NH application under the following circumstances:

• Your loved one does not meet the NH criteria
• He/she does not pass the means test
• His/her family is assessed to have social resources (e.g. your loved one have children who
can take turns to look after him/her with sufficient caregiver training)

If the application is rejected, you can approach the social worker to explore other viable
care options.


• VWO (MOH-Funded): Apex Harmony
• VWO (Non-MOH Funded): Moral Home for the Aged, Tai Pei Old People’s Home,
Thian Leng Home
• Private (with MOH’s portable subsidy): Econ Medicare CentreOrange Valley NH,
The Lentor Residence, United Medicare Centre

To locate a service provider near your loved one, visit our Eldercare Service Locator

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