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Why End-Of-Life Care?

When your loved one is struck with a life-limiting illness, they need specialised treatment and support. The illnesses are different from those relating to normal illnesses. So when your loved one is not responding well to treatments, their pain and discomfort need to be eased using holistic techniques to manage the disease, physical self and loved ones. 

Hospice and end-of-life care relieves your loved one’s pain and symptoms, offers them psychological and spiritual support where needed. It also supports and guides you to cope with being a more confident and effective caregiver during this tough period.

The hospice and end-of life care team including trained and experienced healthcare professionals are better equipped to manage your loved one during this difficult time. Caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness can be physically and emotionally draining for you. Putting such responsibilities on other family members who are not trained to care for such patients can cause undue stress to your loved one and family.

For more information, please visit the Singapore Hospice Council.




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