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Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund

The Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund (TBCHF) seeks to build a healthier nation, to enhance the quality of life of patients, and to improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare services for the needy and disadvantaged. The Singapore Totalisator Board launched the fund in 2009 with $30 million and has committed another $100 million for 2011-14. The fund is jointly administered by the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Integrated Care.

Applicable programmes that improve preventive care, community care and the building of capabilities for healthcare services may include:
•    Public health education and preventive health programmes
•    Pilot programmes for new Community Care services
•    Projects that upgrade and build capacity and capabilities in the Community Care sector
•    Initiatives to improve productivity and/or quality in the Community Care sector.

 TBCHF documents can be downloaded here:
•    Factsheet
•    Briefing Slides 
•    Request Application Form via tbchf@aic.sg

Interested applicants from not-for-profit organisations and government agencies should email to tbchf@aic.sg to request for an Application Form.  Please include your organisation and contact details, programme category, title and brief.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and must be submitted to AIC at least three months prior to the implementation or commencement of the projects. 

One hard copy of the fully completed and signed Application Form and Proposed Budget Spreadsheet should be submitted to:

Agency for Integrated Care
Attn: TBCHF Secretariat, Resource Management Department
Community Care Development Division
5 Maxwell Road
#10-00 Tower Block
MND Complex
Singapore 069110

An electronic copy (MS Word format) must also be sent to tbchf@aic.sg

If you have any queries, please contact the TBCHF Secretariat at 6603-6951 / 6593 3946 or tbchf@aic.sg.

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