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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Yearbooks

Learn more about AIC's work, and how we have grown over the past years.

​​​​​​​​​Our Latest Yearbook

AIC's 11th Yearbook - The Heart of Care

At AIC, we believe that living well and ageing gracefully is a personal journey that is made better with the pwoer of the community. Find out how "The Heart of Care" guided our focus and efforts over the year in serving the needs of our seniors, clients and caregvers, as well as in supporting our partners and staff.


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Past Yearbooks

​ ​

AIC's 10th Yearbook - Stronger And Better Together​​

This digital yearbook covers two financial years in one issue - FY19 and FY20.

Find out how we responded to the challenges of COVID-19, our ongoing efforts to connect people to Community Care, and also how we continued being a close knit family.

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Community Of Care

Our home and our community are whe​re seniors feel most comfortable spending their silver years with their loved ones. They may be active and healthy or have care needs.

With this in mind, we provide various forms of support for seniors and their caregivers so that they can continue to live well in the community. Working with our partners, we aim to create a Community of Care for seniors to age well in.

In this Yearbook, discover how the seniors and clients whom we assisted have been better su​pported through our Community of Care.

A Home T​o Age In


​Home, a place we are familiar with and most comfortable in. It is also where seniors prefer to age in, doing the things they love and surrounded with family and friends.

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) works together with our Community Care partners to build and develop a Care Community to support this aspiration. We provide support for their caregivers too, so that they can journey together with them.

For this Yearbook, we spoke to seniors and clients to find out more about how they are finding ‘home’ wherever they are. They range from clients who are living independently in the community to those who need care services.

It also records our highlights from January to December 2017 that supported them to live and age well.


Colou​rs of Community Care


​Our Yearbook focuses on stories that make our sector colourful. ​

Titled "Colours of the Community", this Yearbook shows you how our seniors and their caregivers are able to age well at home through the different care programmes, how the sector continues to boost productivity and quality of care, and why talents have decided to join our sunrise sector.

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Together, We Care


Our seniors aspire to live and age independently in their homes and the community.

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), together with our Community Care partners, supports their aspiration. In 2015, we have continued to work closely with our partners to integrate more quality care services and make them more accessible to our seniors and their caregivers.

Together, we help to build and shape a vibrant community that cares, supporting our seniors to live well and age gracefully. In this Yearbook, we record some of our highlights for 2015.

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Home. The Place To Be


Our homes, surrounded by comforting and familiar sights, sounds and faces, are where our hearts are.

This Yearbook highlights work done by AIC and its partners in 2014 to grow the range of quality care services to meet our elderly’s needs and make home and the community a place where they can grow old in, with dignity and grace. It is part of AIC’s efforts to achieve a ‘Home First’ outcome for our elderly, and we are just a click, call or visit away if they or their caregivers need assistance or information.

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Coming Together


Our 4th Yearbook entitled ‘Coming Together’ highlights the work done by AIC and its partners from 1 January to 31 December 2013 to integrate health and social care and to provide more holistic and person-centred care and services. With health and social care coming together in 2013, our elderly clients now enjoy comprehensive care while their caregivers are well supported in the community. The integration is a step towards a future where people will have easy access to a whole range of inter-connected care options, both social and health, and be enabled to live well and age gracefully in any care setting they choose as their preferred ‘home’.

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Reaching Out


Our 3rd Yearbook entitled 'Reaching Out' highlights the work done by AIC and its partners from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012 in empowering our clients and helping them to access care services; enabling stakeholders through manpower development, training, quality improvement and productivity initiatives; and enhancing collaboration to create a well-connected healthcare system.

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Reaching Out


Our 2nd Yearbook highlights the work done by AIC and its partners from 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 in our journey towards empowering our clients and coordinating access to appropriate care, enabling stakeholders to strengthen the primary care, intermediate and long-term care and community mental health sectors, and enhancing collaboration to create a well-connected healthcare system.

Please click the above image to view the Yearbook.

AIC's 1st Corporate Yearbook

​AIC is pleased to present you its inaugural Corporate Yearbook. The Yearbook highlights the key achievements of AIC and its partners since its incorporation on 18 August 2009 to 31 March 2011. Our journey to prepare Singapore's health system to meet the growing needs of the elderly and chronically ill has only just begun and will require the support of all our stakeholders. We invite you to flip through the pages of this Yearbook to discover for yourself the journey we have embarked on to achieve better health outcomes for our patients and to integrate a better tomorrow for them.​

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