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​​Roles For Organisations In A Dementia-friendly Community

Here are some different roles an organisations can play to make Singapore and communities more supportive for persons with dementia and their loved ones.

​​​​​​​​​Here's What You Can Do

I Know

  • Encourage your staff to download the Dementia Friends App
  • Hold dementia awareness talks

I Can

  • Be respectful, understanding & helpful towards persons with dementia and their caregivers

I Want To

  • Provide resources by being a Go-To Point
  • Set up a support group for working caregivers in your organisation
  • Adopt seniors with dementia as a CSR cause


​​​​​​​​​Employment For Persons With Young-Onset Dementia

Work plays a central role in our lives, providing fulfilment and personal development. For persons with dementia, there are many decisions to make about employment including whether or not to tell the employer, what changes could be made to the workplace and how long to continue working. Here are some considerations for people with young-onset dementia.​

Click here to find out more.

There are also employment opportunities such as the ‘Therapy Through Work for People with Young Onset and Early Stage Dementia” (TTW YES), which taps on work as a form of therapy to enable persons living with dementia to continue to work, live well and integrate with the community as long as possible.

You can find out more here​​.

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