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​​​Community Outreach Teams (CREST - Community Resource Engagement and Support Team)

Caregivers may not recognise the signs and symptoms of dementia and where they can seek help. The Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (CREST) is a community outreach team that​ serves as a community safety network for people with and/at risk of depression, dementia and other mental health conditions.

It supports their caregivers with resources they need to continue to care for their loved ones at home and in the community. In your neighbourhood, you can approach the Community Outreach Teams which are driven by the social service agencies.

​​​​​​​​​Many Forms Of Support

Besides raising public awareness of dementia and mental wellness, the Community Outreach Teams (CREST) provide screening to promote the recognition of early signs and symptoms of dementia at your home. If you need a listening ear for emotional support or need help to be linked up with other services, they will be able to support you.

Learn about how CREST supported Mdm Hasnah in the community.

Story Of A Sole Caregiver

Mdm Fatimah has severe dementia and is being cared for by her sister Mdm Hasnah. As a sole caregiver, Mdm Hasnah finds caregiving stressful, and especiallyand especially difficult to carry out when she falls ill. She finds herself needing to make great sacrifices to care for her sister and it can sometimes take a toll on her. The CREST team conducted a house visit and found Mdm Hasnah under a great deal of caregiver stress.

How the Programme Supported the Couple

The CREST team provided Mdm Fatimah with additional emotional support on her caregiving journey. They also were able to provide psychoeducation on caregiving and dementia to better equip Mdm Hasnah with the skills to care for her sister and help her understand her sister’s emotional and behavioural challenges.

Mdm Hasnah has since been awarded the SingHealth Inspirational Patient and Caregivers Award in 2018. The CREST team continues to provide Mdm Hasnah with the support she needs on her caregiving journey.

Click here to learn howwatch a video on Mdm Hasnah and her sister are being supported by CREST.

​Click ​​her​e​ to find out the list of CREST near you.

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