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Support For Caregivers Of Persons With Dementia

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​​​Take Care Of Yourself

You are as important as your loved one. The demands of caring for elderly parents, an ageing spouse, or loved one, can put any caregiver in a stressful situation. Take time to care for yourself in the midst of caregiver duties. Doing so prevents caregiver burnout and improves your wellbeing.

​​​​​​​​​Why Self-Care Is Needed

When caregivers are consumed in their role, they find it difficult to spare time or effort for other matters. Some caregivers may feel that it is easier to stay at home or that they are unable to leave their loved ones.

Spending time away from home is only for running errands or attending doctor’s appointments. There might be lack of understanding from friends and family on what caregivers like you are going through. Over time, you may withdraw from socialising with others, resulting in an isolating and lonely experience.


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