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​​​Community Intervention Teams (COMIT)

​Community Intervention Team (COMIT) is an allied-health led, multi-disciplinary team made up of counsellors, occupational therapists, psychologists, nurses and programme coordinators. Embedded in the community, COMIT aims to provide holistic support for clients with mental health or dementia needs and their caregivers so that they can remain in the community for as long as possible.

​​​​​​​​​How Community Intervention Teams Work

​In your neighbourhood, we also have the Community Intervention Teams which are driven by the social service agencies. The Community Intervention Teams (COMIT) provide needs assessments, counselling and psychosocial therapy for clients and caregivers.

An individualised care plan will also be developed for you in collaboration with other health and social care partners. Besides yourself, COMIT also supports your loved ones with in-depth information about the mental health condition and coping skills to support their caregiving journey.

How COMIT has supported Sara

35-year-old Sara is a former kindergarten teacher and mother to three children. When her parents passed away, she experienced physical symptoms such as chest pains and the twitching of her arms and legs.

The pain was so extreme that she thought that she was dying. She developed a fear of being alone at home. As such, she started to roam around in shopping malls until her children returned home from school.


​​Eventually, a doctor w​hom she visited told her that she might have depression and prescribed her anti-depressant medications. Although initially in denial, she took her medication. The client faced harsh words from her mother-in-law who accused her of faking the illness. The side-effects of the medication coupled with the stigma of mental illness soon made it difficult for Sara to perform her duties of both wife and mother.

Read the full story about Saras here​.

Click here​ to find the list of COMIT providers near you.


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