Introduction to AIC Wellness Programme

The AIC Wellness Programme engages seniors through the provision of meaningful activities to enhance their wellbeing and quality of life. In this section, you will find an array of resources for a wide spectrum of seniors – those well and living in their own homes and those requiring assistance at Community Care facilities (e.g., Nursing Homes, Centres).

Resources for Seniors

Activity Booklets (In English and Chinese) *NEW*

Each booklet contains 16 fun arts-based activities and puzzles for seniors to complete in the comforts and safety of their home. The activities are also paired with key COVID-19 related information to keep everyone safe. Download the activity worksheets and enjoy the activities individually or with loved ones and caregivers. Watch out for more booklets in the future!

Booklet 1 – Makan Time

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- Print Quality version (14.5MB)

Booklet 2 – My Home, My Kampong

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- Print Quality version (13MB) 

Arts, Ageing And Wellbeing Toolkit *NEW*


This Toolkit features eight arts-based activities and caters to a wide range of seniors, including those requiring additional assistance in Community Care facilities. It was developed in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University and features contributions from their Master of Science (Applied Gerontology) students. Activities are also guided by the “Five Ways to Wellbeing” from the United Kingdom’s New Economics Foundation. 

Click here to download the Toolkit (15.6MB)

SPARKS! Art For Wellness Toolkit

Creative activities present many benefits and enhance personal wellbeing. The selection of art activities in this toolkit was developed as part of the Community Care sector’s inaugural Arts Residency, a joint initiative by AIC and the National Arts Council. The Residency paired 10 artists with nine nursing homes across Singapore. Activities in the toolkit are intended for frail seniors and offer opportunities for simplification or to meaningfully challenge.

Click here to download the Toolkit (27.4MB)

Hand in Hand Activity Guide


The Hand In Hand Activity Guide is developed as a resource for Community Care organisations that conduct social and recreational activities regularly for clients. It contains a collection of 30 fun activities, plus useful pointers for facilitators on making activities meaningful for clients, running groups effectively and possible activity modifications.

Click here to download the Guide (41.4MB)

Song List – Top English, Malay, Chinese And Malay Songs From The 1960s

In collaboration with MediaCorp, AIC is pleased to share a song listing of the top English, Chinese and Malay songs from the 1960s. We thank MediaCorp for compiling these lists. 

Click here to download the song list. 

Visit the following links to listen to the songs on Spotify:

English Songs from the 1960s

English Songs from the 1970s

Chinese Songs from the Pre 1960s-Pre 1970s

Chinese songs from the 1970s

Chinese Songs from the 1980s

Malay songs from the 1960s

Malay Songs from the 1970s

Malay Songs from the 1980s

Malay Songs from the 1990s


Since the launch of the AIC Wellness Programme in 2014, many seniors have a new found interest in visual arts activities. Featured below are some of the beautiful creations of our seniors who have benefitted from the programme. Their works vary from batik painting to mosaic art. Art techniques such as blottography and pointillism were also used. Try out some of the activities in the SPARKS! Art for Wellness Toolkit (link can be found above).

On March 9 - 18, 2018, AIC held the SPARKS! Art Wellness Exhibition, the first of its kind to showcase projects from 100 nursing home residents. Nursing home residents joined forces with artists under an arts residency pilot to create the projects. The arts residency pilot is a joint initiative by Agency for Integrated Care and National Arts Council.

The exhibition was launched by President Halimah Yacob. More than 9,000 people came to view the art projects which were displayed at Raffles City. 

If you missed the exhibition, don't fret! Here are the artworks for your viewing pleasure.

What is the AIC Wellness Programme - Arts Residency?


Enchanting Garden

All Saints Home, Yishun Centre with Joanne Lio & Sarah Zainal

Project Statement: Inspired by our Garden City state, Enchanting Garden saw residents bring to life flora and fauna they pictured in their personal gardens. Through exploring painting, drawing, collage and clay art, they offer us glimpses of these enchanting spaces.

Artists’ Bio: Joanne Lio is an arts educator who specialises in art programme development for children and seniors. She has created programmes for organisations such as the National Museum of Singapore and St Luke’s ElderCare. Recently, she curated and coordinated the WeCare Arts Exhibition 2017 and started working with Sarah Zainal, an entrepreneur in fashion design and dressmaking. Joanne graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Visual Communication from Nanyang Technological University, while Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Interactive Media from Nanyang Technological University.

Click to view all the works by All Saints Home, Yishun Centre


Happy Kopi

ECON Medicare Centre and Nursing Home with Moses Sia

Project Statement: Kopitiams (local coffee shops) have a special place in the lives of Singaporeans. Happy Kopi draws on this bond. During weekly sessions, residents shared their life stories and created characters and items in their Kopitiams. These were then converted into a digital format, with scenarios crafted and residents’ voices added to bring this multimedia project to life.

The links to the 3 interactive Happy Kopi are below:

Happy Kopi 1

Happy Kopi 2

Happy Kopi 3

Artist’s Bio: Moses Sia is an educator at large and a learner at heart. He is interested in using technology and arts-based approaches to bring about positive change. He has also designed and conducted process art* sessions for groups that span from pre-schoolers to seniors. This includes an ongoing monthly Artist Trading Card group at Bishan Library.

*Process art is a creative movement where the creative journey of producing art is seen to be more important than the end result.

Click to view all the works by ECON Medicare Centre and Nursing Home


Objects, Memories, Belongings

Lions Home for the Elders with Karen Koh & Lee Sze-Chin

Project Statement : With the phrase “Life is a journey” as inspiration, Objects, Memories, Belongings celebrates residents’ memories, values and legacy. The artist duo led residents to find new ways to use everyday objects creatively. In this project, they were ‘teleported’ to their dream travel destinations virtually through the use of Photoshop.

Artists’ Bios: Karen Koh has a passion in bridging the social and healthcare communities with the creative use of art. Her community art projects include befriending seniors through art programmes with Alzheimer’s Disease Association (2017), mentoring with Photovoice SG (2016) and as a trainee Art Therapist with National Arthritis Foundation and Dover Park Hospice. She holds a Master of Arts, Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Singapore Institute of Management.

Lee Sze-Chin holds a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Goldsmiths, University of London. He is also a registered art teacher and nurse with the Ministry of Education and the Singapore Nursing Board respectively. Sze-Chin has worked in several healthcare settings, including St Luke's Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. He has also facilitated workshops and delivered presentations both locally and internationally on the use of art therapy and digital media in clinical and community-based settings.

Click to view all the works by Lions Home for the Elders


Makan Reminiscence!

Orange Valley Nursing Home (Marsiling) with Terence Lin & Chai Chee Seam

Project Statement: Who doesn’t love a good makan (feast)? Makan Reminiscence opened doors for story sharing and relationship building. By drawing on the residents’ familiarity with various cultural occasions, the project encouraged them to share cooking experiences and create art using ingredients like salt and spices.

Artists’ Bio: Terence Lin works on community-based art projects with youth, seniors and diverse communities observing everyday life. He has a Master of Education (Art) from Nanyang Technological University. An alumnus of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Terence has participated in local and overseas group exhibitions since 2003. Terence was awarded the Asian Fellowship 2007/8 by National Museum of Contemporary Art for the art residency at National Goyang Art Studio, South Korea. In 2003/4, he received both the Juror's Choice awards for the Singapore-ASEAN Art Award and Philip Morris ASEAN Art Award.

A fine art alumnus from NAFA, Chai Chee Seam was the selected artist for the Our Gallery in Taman Jurong project organised by the Taman Jurong Community Arts & Culture Club and the National Arts Council in both 2015 and 2016. She is also an arts and music facilitator and has worked with families, seniors and children with special needs since 2012.

Click to view all the works by Orange Valley Nursing Home (Marsiling)


Camera, Action, Stories!

Pearl’s Hill Care Home (Vanguard Healthcare) with Stanley Koh

Project Statement: Some photos reveal more about the photographer than the photo subject. Camera, Action, Stories!, which mixes digital photography with reminiscence, is one such project. With the aid of props such as old posters and traditional games, weekly sessions brought seniors back in time to share their experiences. They also picked up basic skills and tips on taking photos along the way!

“A photo is just a print; the effort behind each of them weighs much more!” – Stanley Koh

Artist’s Bio: Stanley Koh has been a photographer for 10 years and specialises in portraits. He has worked with both social and healthcare bodies and has taught digital photography at Alzheimer's Disease Association for four years running and Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) for three years running. Through these courses, he hopes to use photography to increase social wellbeing and encourage people to talk and connect.

Click to view all the works by Pearl’s Hill Care Home (Vanguard Healthcare)


Enchanting Garden

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok) with Joanne Lio & Sarah Zainal

Project Statement: Take a “walk” through the gardens around us. Inspired by our Garden City state, Enchanting Garden saw residents imagine and create the flora and fauna they envisioned in their personal gardens. Besides offering us glimpses of these enchanting spaces through painting, collage and clay art, these art pieces also represent their potential to blossom!

Click to view all the works by St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok)


A Happy Special Place

Singapore Christian Home with Adeleine Daysor

Project Statement: A Happy Special Place is a series of mixed-media projects with an emphasis on print-making and colour. The element of play and surprise encouraged by the print-making process offered a space for personal expression, discovery and new friendships among residents.

“One of my most satisfying moments from the residency was watching a senior gleefully coat his hand in the paint just to revel in the feeling and quality of the material!” – Adeleine Daysor

Artist’s Bio: Adeleine Daysor has a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting and a Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies (California College of the Arts). She is a practising artist and educator who has showcased locally and internationally. Her involvement in community art projects include the Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2015 in Japan and the Silver Arts 2014 and Little Red Rocks Carnival 2013 in Singapore.

Click to view all the works by Singapore Christian Home


Colour Rhapsody

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home with Von Tjong

Project Statement: Colour Rhapsody led seniors on a playful adventure to create artworks inspired by the many colourful places in Singapore. Every week, the SWAMI residents ‘visited’ different areas in Singapore for inspiration. With acrylic paint and other drawing material, residents share their impression of these places through lines, shapes and colours.

Artist’s Bio: Von Tjong is an artist and designer. Her recent community art projects include National Library Board - Community Art Jamming (2017), Interdisciplinary Arts - Music & Dance for the Dementia Elder (2016) and Eldercare Nursing Home - NTUC Health Space Transformation (2015). She has a Master of Arts (Asian Art Histories) from Goldsmiths, University of London and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from University of Huddersfield. Von is also an educator with the School of Science and Technology and with the Arts and Music Instructor Scheme (AMIS) by the Ministry Of Education.

Click to view all the works by Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home


Objects, Memories, Belongings

Villa Francis Home for the Aged with Karen Koh & Lee Sze-Chin

Project Statement: With the phrase “Life is a journey” as inspiration, Objects, Memories, Belongings celebrates residents’ memories, values and legacy. The artist duo led residents to find new ways to use everyday objects creatively. The ideas that surfaced from the art pieces, such as the travel boxes and dream catchers, reveal their ability and hints at the richness of their imagination and aspirations.

Click to view all the works by Villa Francis Home for the Aged


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