Introduction to General Practitioners, Family Medicine Clinics, and Primary Care Networks

There are about 1,700 GP clinics in Singapore, which support patients with their preventive, acute and chronic care needs. Learn more about how CHAS Clinics, Family Medicine Clinics, and the Primary Care Network support patients with their chronic disease management.

​CHAS Clinics

Participating GP and dental clinics provide subsidised care for Singapore Citizens who have the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), or Merdeka Generation (MG) and Pioneer Generation (PG) cards. 

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You can find a CHAS clinic near you using the E-care Locator

Family Medicine Clinics 

Family Medicine Clinics (FMCs) comprise doctors supported by a team of nurses and allied health professionals to provide holistic primary care services. There are currently eight FMCs in Singapore. 

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Primary Care Network  

The Primary Care Network (PCN) is a network of General Practitioners (GPs), supported by nurse counsellors and care coordinators, which provides step-by-step care for patients with chronic condition(s) such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. BENEFITS OF PCN Patients will have a personalised medical care plan to better manage their chronic condition(s). There will be closer monitoring and better care as patient’s case will be managed by a dedicated health care team comprised GPs, nurse counsellors and care coordinators. Patients also get to enjoy more convenience as they can choose to see a PCN GP near them. 



Services Provided by PCN GPs 

• Diabetic Foot Screening: As part of holistic chronic disease management, diabetic patients will be scheduled for periodic foot screening to identify any diabetic-related foot issues that can lead to amputations, if not well taken care of. Advice on proper foot care and footwear will also be provided. 

• Diabetic Retinal Photography: The PCN coordinator will help to coordinate periodic DRP screenings for diabetic patients through service providers such as Community Health Centres (CHCs) to enable early detection of any diabetic-related eye conditions. This will ensure early intervention which will reduce the risk of complications that can lead to blindness. 

• Nurse Counselling & Education: Patients can learn more about their condition(s) from the nurse counsellors, who will provide patients with personalised advice on positive lifestyle changes and empower patients to self-manage their condition(s). 

Where are the PCN GPs? 

You can find a list of PCN GP clinics by downloading the following attachments. 

Click here for the list of PCN GP Clinics (arranged by alphabetical order). 

Or click here for the list of PCN GP Clinics (arranged by Primary Care Networks). 

Download a copy of the PCN Brochure here.


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Affordable and quality healthcare near your home
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