Senior Activity Centres can be found in the void decks of HDB rental blocks, where seniors living around the area are encouraged to participate in active ageing. Centre conducts activities such as karaoke, arts & craft and exercise sessions to keep the elderly engaged. They also act as a communal space for elderly to socialise with their peers, and find social support.


The centres provide the following services:


Note: In line with Ministry of Health's measures, Community Care services will gradually resume in a controlled manner from Phase 1 (2 June 2020). For more details, click here.

If you require further assistance, do call our AIC Hotline at 1800-650-6060.


The services at a Senior Activity Centre are free if you are 60 years old and older, need help with Activities of Daily Living and have little or no family support. If you are eligible, you can apply to the centre for free services.

Activities of Daily Living ​are:

  • Washing: The ability to wash in the bath or shower (including getting into and out of the bath or shower) or wash by other means.
  • Dressing: The ability to put on, take off, secure and unfasten all garments and, as appropriate, any braces, artificial limbs or other surgical or medical tools.
  • Feeding: The ability to feed oneself food.
  • Toileting: The ability to use the lavatory or manage bowel and bladder function through the use of protective undergarments or surgical appliances if appropriate.
  • Mobility: The ability to move indoors from room to room on level surfaces.
  • ​Transferring: The ability to move from a bed to an upright chair or wheelchair, and vice versa.​

You can find a Senior Activity Centre using the E-care Locator.


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