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Home Personal Care

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​Introduction to Home Personal Care

For those who require personal services to continue living well at home or to help support their caregivers in caregiving duties.

How to Apply

Please approach the doctor at the hospital or polyclinic that your loved one visits for assistance to submit an online application for the service. Alternatively, you may visit a​n​​ AIC​ Link​​ near you for assistance on the application process.

​​​ ​

The cost of this service starts from ​$25​​ per hour before means-test subsidy. If you require financial assistance for the service, please speak to your service provider or the Medical Social Worker in the hospital or polyclinic.

You may also visit the online E-care locator​​​ to find service providers near you.​

Household Services Scheme

The Household Services Scheme (HSS) allows companies to hire more migrant workers to provide part-time domestic services, such as home cleaning, grocery shopping, car-washing and pet-sitting.

From March 2023, a two-year pilot programme was introduced to allow selected HSS companies to provide basic elder-minding and child-minding support in addition to other part-time domestic services.

Please note that:

  • HSS services are meant for households who periodically need help with domestic services (e.g., for only a few hours a day or week).
  • HSS services are not suitable for households who require dedicated eldercare services. Such households should consider mainstream services overseen by MOH, such as the home personal and nursing care, day care and community rehabilitation services.
  • Households that engage companies on the pilot programme for basic elder-minding services should ask the provider for the experience, qualification and training of the worker deployed, and assess the suitability of the worker for the care needs of the household.

Please visit the Ministry of Manpower website for more information on the scope of HSS and to obtain contact information of companies on the expanded HSS pilot programme.​

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