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Hospice Home Care

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​​Introduction to Hospice Home Care

Patients with life-limiting illnesses, such as advanced dementia or cancer, and whose conditions are expected to get worse in weeks or months may choose to spend their days at home instead. In such cases, caregivers need help coping with the patient’s needs.


How to Apply

A doc​tor must say that the patient is suffering from advanced and progressive disease.

Please approach the doctor at the hospital or polyclinic that your loved one visits for assistance to submit an online application for the service. Alternatively, you may visit a​n​​ AIC​ Link​​ near you for assistance on the application process.

​​​ ​

The service can cost between $100 and $150 per visit before means-testing. The amount varies based on your household’s income.

You may also visit the online E-care locator​​​ to find service providers near you.​

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