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Meals on Wheels

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​​​​Introduction to Meals on Wheels

​The service provides meal deliveries to homebound clients who are unable to buy and prepare their own meals and do not have a caregiver to help them to do so.​​​

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​​​​​​​​​How to Apply

Please approach the doctor at the hospital or polyclinic that your loved one visits for assistance to submit an online application for the service. Alternatively, you may visit an​​ AIC​ Link​​ near you for assistance on the application process.

For eligible clients, the service will cost approximately between $4.90 and $7​ per meal (before subsidies). Subsidises are available depending on the means test results. ​

You may also visit the E-care Locator​ to ask service providers for more details on their costs and services.​

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