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Active Seniors

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Is Your Loved One an Active Senior?

​Everyone d​esir​es to live well and age gracefully. By staying physically and socially active, we can live life to the fullest.

Encouraging your loved one to maintain as much independence as possible is an effective way to support their health and wellness.

Active Ageing

Help your loved ones stay active, healthy and socially engaged with these programmes near your neighbourhood:

Future Planning

Make early care plans with your loved one who is still active and able to indicate his/her preferences.


LifeSG mobile application

Download the LifeSG App to Stay Active, Healthy and Connected!

Use it to download your Merdeka Generation e-card for use at select merchant outlets and CHAS clinics, find active ageing programmes near you, or view your personalised government benefits!

You can download it on Google Play store, or the Apple App Store.



If your loved one lives alone or feel lonely, we can match them with friendly volunteer befrienders in their neighbourhood! The befrienders will visit them regularly to lend a helping hand and listening ear.

Care and Support in the Community

Silver Generation (SG) Ambassadors

Silver Generation (SG) Ambassadors actively reach out to all Singapore Citizens aged 65 and above to share with them activities and services under CNS. They are trained to identify the needs of seniors and will link vulnerable seniors to social and health community partners, so that they receive timely help.

Keen to Volunteer?

Learn about being an SG Ambassador here. If you would like to know more or sign up for CNS programmes or become SG Ambassadors, please call the AIC Hotline at 1800 650 6060.

Day Care

Your loved one can exercise and interact with other seniors while you are at work. Transportation can be arranged to and fro the centre, if needed.


"I like spending the day with friends at the centre and going home to my family in the evening.”

- A Day Care Centre Client

Caregivers Training Grant

Receive an annual $200 subsidy if you, or your Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW), attend approved caregiving courses. You can also consider the Eldercarer FDW Scheme if you need a trained helper. Learn more.

Community Health Assist Scheme

See a doctor or dentist near your home at lower cost. Referrals to Specialist Outpatient Clinics in public hospitals or the National Dental Centre are also subsidised. All members of the Pioneer Generation also get CHAS subsidies. Learn more.

Primary Care Network

A network of General Practitioners supported by nurses and care coordinators who aim to provide holistic and coordinated care for patients with chronic conditions. Learn more.

Learn More

Find tips on how to better care for your loved one. Who are you caring for?

Senior With Mobility Aids

Bedbound Senior

Loved One With Cancer

Senior Recovering From Stroke

Need more help?


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