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Why Go For Caregiver Training?

Undergoing training allows one to gain knowledge, skills and deeper understanding of the responsibilities in caring for their loved one. It also enhances confidence in performing a task.

This is why caregiver training courses are important – but how does a caregiver know which course to go for?

​​​​​​​​​Some Considerations

Understanding Needs of Loved One

A new caregiver should establish the needs of their loved one first. This includes physical needs, health and medical needs, and many more. He/ she may learn about home personal care, home nursing and specialized care needs tips while caring for their loved one at home. Click here to read more.

Knowing your Own Needs and Preferences

Do you require home-based training as you may need advise on planning and managing the care for your loved one at home Or do you prefer a classroom-based setting where approved ? trainers conduct training using the wider range of equipment available in their centres?

Cost of Training


Whatever options you eventually select based on your needs and preferences, the final step is to assess the cost of this training. If financial assistance is required, the Caregivers Training Grant is available to most caregivers in Singapore, and can be used to offset up to $200 a year in caregiver training courses approved by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

​​​​​​​​​Packaged Courses For Busy Caregivers

Most new caregivers would need a wide range of knowledge to prepare them for their caregiving journey of looking after their loved one. AIC has worked with training providers to develop two specialised programme courses to meet the needs of most caregivers.

​​​​Course Name
We recommend this course if you…​
Basic Eldercare Course

This course is designed for comprehensive learning at basic level suited for the higher care needs of your loved ones who may be frail with functional dependence associated with their advance age and/or health condition.

The training duration of 17 hours allows for more in-depth learning of knowledge and practice of skills designed for assisting in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), safe and optimal eldercare practices such as fall prevention, administration of medication emergency preparedness and other topics essential for providing personal care in the home setting. Learn more​. ​

  • Care for a loved one who is 65 years or older, and is Singaporean
  • ​Need a comprehensive all-in-one training course to manage the basic needs of loved ones, such as their ADLs.
  • Need training that is geared towards a home care setting.
  • Can plan your schedule ahead of time as this course will be 17 hours long, including classroom sessions and home sessions.

Note: Also suitable for Foreign Domestic Workers

​​​ABCs of Caregiving

The sets of A, B, or C courses are individually designed to suit the appropriate care needs of your loved one who is frail but Ambulant (Set A), or Bedbound (Set B), or wheelChair bound (Set C).

Based on your choice, you may sign up for any of the 4-hour course to learn how to support the respective general caregiving needs according to their mobility status. Each course is designed to equip caregivers with practical knowledge and techniques to provide safe and optimal personal care. Examples of general caregiving topics include assisting in Activities of Daily Living, safe eldercare practices such as fall prevention, administration of medication, emergency preparedness and other topics essential for providing caregiving in home setting. Learn more​.

  • Care for a loved one with specific mobility needs
  • Need an introductory course explaining the key information you need for the specific needs of your loved ones
  • Consider home-based training as an option
  • Need a course that is more customised with some options to “add on”
  • Cannot afford too much time for training

Note: Also suitable for Foreign Domestic Workers


​​​​​​​​​What If You Just Want A Specific Course?

If you are looking for a course that teaches a specific skill, such as tube changing or first aid skills, do visit our Caregiver Training Courses list​.

You can select the training course by the preferred language of the course (if you need training conducted in another language other than English), course mode (home based or classroom based​), topic, and/or even by training provider.

Topics under our calendar:

  • Clinical course: Learn basic nursing care such as wound care, use of catheters or stoma, and more.
  • Day to Day Care (Activities of Daily Living general): Pick from home or classroom setting options and learn to manage a loved one’s ADLs well.
  • Day to Day Care (Activities of Daily Living specific): Learn skills necessary​ to care for your loved one, especially if they have higher levels needs (such as bedbound).
  • Dementia: Understand ways to manage the symptoms of dementia in your loved one.
  • First Aid: Life-saving skills and how to apply them especially on seniors.
  • Learning & Development Disability: For caregivers of younger loved ones with learning needs.
  • Physical Disability: Training for persons with disabilities to perform basic activities such as feeding themselves or using assistive technology.
  • Psychosocial Wellness: Learn about emotional wellbeing and ways to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with your loved one.
  • Stroke: Training geared towards caring for people who are recovering from a stroke.

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