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My CARE Finder

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​​​​​My CARE (CAregiving REsources) Finder

Caregiving can be a rewarding journey. As a caregiver, you may often be juggling between your work, family and caregiving duties. You can be empowered now - Knowing where to seek help and tap on existing information and resources can help relieve your worries and better support you in your caregiving journey for your loved ones and most importantly, yourself.

​​​​​​​​​How ​My CARE Finder Works​

Among caregivers, those who face the highest care burden include those looking after loved ones with mental health conditions, dementia, stroke, cancer, or palliative and end-of-​life care needs.

My CARE (CAregiving REsources) Finder seeks to help caregivers learn more about their loved ones’ conditions, ​​​​and access information on the practical and psychosocial aspects of caregiving to support them in their journey.

My CARE Finder is de​signed to empower caregivers to better understand their caregiving needs, and provide quick access to related information and resources.

How To Start​

Better understand your caregiving needs via My CARE Finder​​​ and be supported by relevant information, and resources available in the community. You are not alone.


​My CARE Finder is an interim tool, we would appreciate if you can share any feedback on how to improve it via the link above.

Some of the resources shared in My CARE Finder are compiled from various sources for your convenience. AIC is not affiliated to these sources or any external organisations. While due diligence has been made to ensure the resources are up to date, the resources provided are for informational or educational purposes only and does not substitute medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.​


Another Care Services Recommender You Can Try

Try this recommender developed on th​e SupportGoWhere portal for:

  • Schemes and services recommendations based on your needs
  • Additional tips and resources

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