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Interested applicants should submit their research proposals using the ILTC Research Grant Application Form by 31 Aug 2018, 5pm to Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Documents for download:

ILTC Research Grant Application Form (Updated on 16 Jul 2018)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Research can provide the evidence needed for improving care and care delivery. The ILTC Research Grant provides support for innovative ideas from the ILTC community to generate new knowledge and transform care. This grant mechanism is part of AIC’s strategy to promote research in the ILTC sector. We hope that the findings can translate into applications or systems that can provide better care at a better value for better health and future for our population.

To jumpstart research in the sector, AIC is providing seed funding to ILTC care professionals to support viable research ideas and transform these into new knowledge.  AIC will support research projects that are motivated by an important need or problem to be solved in the ILTC setting.

The Principal Investigator (PI) leading the research project must be employed on a full-time basis by either a private organisation or Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) in the ILTC sector and must spend at least 75% of his/ her time in Singapore. Collaborators or Co-Investigators can be from the Regional Health Systems (RHS), acute hospitals, academia, ILTC sector or industry.

This grant is designed to fund items used directly for the specific research project. Salaries of PIs, conference fees, and costs of travel to and from conferences will not be supported.

Research proposals must be aimed at gathering new, generalisable knowledge, such as understanding risk factors or developing prediction models for specific diseases or disability outcomes, understanding the natural history of a disease or disability population, evaluating novel interventions that could prevent or treat diseases or disability outcomes, etc.

Proposals that are not research-focused will not be considered. This funding mechanism will also not support the hiring of additional manpower to deliver a current service, expanding or improving physical facilities in an ILTC organisation, quality improvement projects, development of a technology (eg. manufacturing cost for a prototype), or evaluation of an existing service or pilot programme. There are other funding sources for these activities.

The grant quantum will be computed based on the resources required for the completion of the research project. The grant support is for a period of up to 1.5 years. The proposal must describe the milestones that will be met by the end of the first year and the expected outcomes upon completion of the project.

AIC will actively monitor the progress of successful grantees. Progress reports will be required at the end of the first year and at the end of the study. Grantees will also be asked to present their findings to AIC at the end of the funding period. 

Relevance of the application 
- Significance of the problem
- Development of research capabilities

- Scientific excellence
- Technological novelty

- Potential benefit or disruption
- Opportunities to address challenges
- Opportunities to translate results
- Degree to which it can be developed into a project that can attract competitive funding

- Competencies of the research team
- Whether aims and objectives are achievable within the timeframe