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Singapore’s Community Care sector aims to help seniors live well and age gracefully at home and in the community. AIC offers various schemes, and programmes that support our Community Care organisations to develop their workforce and to attract more talents to join vibrant and growing community care sector.

Whether you are a fresh entrant or mid-career switcher who aspires to a career in the Community Care, or an in-service staff and leader in the sector, our schemes and programmes are designed to build your capabilities to help you realise your fullest potential.

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The Community Care Manpower Development Award (CCMDA) provides in-service staff and fresh entrant with opportunities to grow a career in the Community Care sector by supporting their pursuit of relevant training courses and programmes.

The award caters for entry and advanced skills training across a range of clinical and non-clinical areas via, formal academic courses, ranging from diploma to master as well as attachments to healthcare and Community Care facilities. Its Visiting Expert scheme also funds the invitation of a local or overseas expert to conduct workshops.

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Open to fresh entrants in support care roles, the Community Care Traineeship Programme (CCTP) combines classroom, practical sessions and on-the-job learning to equip them with the requisite skills to assist healthcare professionals in nursing care or therapy sessions.

CCTP adopts a Place and Train model that provides funding support to Community Care Organisations for new local support care staffs without prior experience to undergo training to perform their new jobs. The CCTP course comprises three main components:

1. 12-day classroom training session at our institute learning laboratory
2. 5-day practicum at a designated Community Care organization
3. 9-weeks workplace coaching

As part of the programme, participating Community Care Organisations will recieve training allowance, course fee funding support and On-the-Job Training (OJT) grant for each eligible new local support care staff under CCTP.

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Community Care Orgnisations can tap on the Community Care Training Grant (CCTG) for you and your staff’s training and upgrading needs. The grant supports training courses, workshops ‘conferences, seminars, forums, etc. related to healthcare, community care and integrated care.

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IGNITE, IMPACT, INSIGHT and INSPIRE is a series of managerial and leadership programmes customised for managers and leaders in the Community Care sector.

Is a middle management programme meant for new managers or current ones who seek an overview of the Community Care sector. The programme aims to equip participants with a basic grasp of schemes to develop capabilities for Community Care organisations and available services and schemes for their clients. It also provides a platform for peer networking.

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IMPACT Leadership
Is an unique leadership programme customized to the needs of *middle management in the Community Care sector. The programme is specially designed to advance the skills and confidence in middle management to appreciate, then translate strategies into effective actions in order to support and drive positive change together with your senior management in the evolving Community Care landscape.

*Middle Management with minimum of 8 years working experience, of which 3 years in a managerial role.

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INSIGHT Leadership
Is designed for current senior leaders who are holding key positions in the Community Care sector.

Its focuses on leadership issues unique to the sector, and provides participants with a deeper understanding of key health care policies, the Community Care operating environment, and how to drive performance across organisations to work towards an integrated healthcare system. Special consideration is given to manpower, stakeholder management, and service excellence.

The programme provides an excellent platform for participants to network with their peers across the Community Care sector and invaluable opportunities to engage senior policy makers from Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). This enriching experience is a must for every leader to reflect on the meaning of leadership in the sector.

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INSPIRE Leadership
Is a leadership programme intended for experienced C-suite leaders in Community Care. The programme is designed with distinctive features which include dialogues with seasoned NPO Board Chairs and best practice leaders in the private and public sector, peer learning and reflections for collective impact and building governance partnership between CEO and Board. Through the programme, leaders will also be equipped with the knowledge to develop a viable financial sustainability strategy and engage in executive coaching with integrated self-assessment data on strengths, derailers and drivers.

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The Return-To-Nursing (RTN) programme helps nurses who have not been practising for more than a year to return to work in the Community Care sector.

The programme includes a 3-month refresher course for returning nurses who have left practice for at least 5 years and/or without a valid Practising Certificate from the Singapore Nursing Board.

Community Care organisations hiring a returning nurse can receive support for the following components as part of the RTN programme:

1. 3-month Refresher Course for eligible returning nurse – comprising of a month’s classroom-based training, and a 2-month on-the-job training
2. Salary Support
3. Preceptorship Support
4. Community Care Retention Bonus for eligible returning nurse
Eligible Community Care organisations may apply RTN for returning nurses hired by the organisation.

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Introduced to attract mid-career PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) to join the growing Community Care sector, the Senior Management Associate Scheme (SMAS) offers a training and induction programme to familiarise them with the sector. The scheme also aims to help Community Care organisations recruit suitable managerial and leadership talents to support their organisational growth and development.

Only eligible Community Care organisations may apply.

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