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Managers in the Community Care sector who are experienced team leaders and poised to take on higher appointments. Participants will typically have three to five years’ experience in managing a team.

As a participant, you will increase your self-awareness, communication, influence and strategic thinking competencies. You will also: 
  • Develop self-awareness & insights into one’s strengths, areas of development & management style.
  • Gain systematic view of organisational issues, align team goals & establish collaborative relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Gain appreciation of healthcare operating environment & the challenges in the Community Care sector.

You will grow your leadership capabilities in the three key areas: 

a) Personal Mastery
  • Gain greater understanding of your leadership style, and align your motivational and leadership values. 
b) Understanding of the Community Care sector
  • Gain a better appreciation of the Community Care operating environment, and its challenges.

c) Leading High Performance Teams
  • ​Develop capabilities to lead, manage and engage teams for high performance. 

Led by experienced facilitators, the programme’s experiential activities and hands-on exercises reinforce key concepts and lessons, providing you with insights which you can apply back at work.  

​Participation is strictly by the nomination of your organisation’s senior management. ​

If you have any queries, please contact the Programme Managers: 

Mr Edgar Li, Assistant Manager, ILTC Manpower and Resourcing Division 
Tel: 6632 1117, Email: 

Ms Chen Zirong, Executive, ILTC Manpower and Resourcing Division
Tel: 6603 6956, Email:​