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The INSIGHT Leadership Programme provides provides participants with a deeper understanding of key healthcare policies, the Community Care operating environment, and how to drive performance across organisations to work towards an integrated healthcare system. The programme provides an excellent platform for participants to network with their peers across the Community Care sector and invaluable opportunities to engage senior policy makers from Health and other Ministries.

Senior leaders who are currently holding key positions in the Community Care sector. Participants will typically be Chief Executive Officers, Chiefs, Directors, Heads of Departments, Director of Nursing, etc with the potential to assume higher appointments.

As a participant, you will:
  • Enhance leadership style & capabilities with skills, tools, frameworks & insights to lead & influence.
  • Gain better insights into the changing & future healthcare & Community Care landscapes for better integration & collaboration.

INSIGHTS to Personal Mastery
(With overnight residential stay)

You will gain deeper insights into your personality profile and leadership style, and consider the motivations and meaning of leadership. Frameworks and leadership models will be provided to develop your leadership effectiveness and help you gain greater personal mastery. The residential segment of the workshop promotes peer network development among the participants. 

INSIGHTS to the Future of Community Care

You will develop an in-depth understanding and a wider perspective of current and evolving issues related to the sector. This module will provide you with an opportunity to dialogue with senior policy makers from the Health Ministry and other government agencies. With these insights, you will be better able to lead your organisations and deliver your missions within the larger healthcare system.

INSIGHTS to Leadership Excellence

In the final module, you will be empowered with the knowledge to create a common vision, lead with vision and drive change. Bringing to fore the concept of team leadership, you will be able to create a set of common values and engage your teams to perform values-driven action. At the end of this module, you will understand how to engage internal and external stakeholders effectively and the key success variables to building high performance teams and a stronger organisation.

​Participation is strictly by the nomination of your organisation’s senior management. ​

If you have any queries, please contact the Programme Managers: 

Mr Edgar Li, Assistant Manager, ILTC Manpower and Resourcing Division 
Tel: 6632 1117, Email: 

Ms Chen Zirong, Executive, ILTC Manpower and Resourcing Division
Tel: 6603 6956, Email:​