Age is just a number. That adage never rings truer than when you’re in your #goaldenyears.

At the Agency of Integrated Care, we are huge believers of not letting age define what you can or can not do. Love modelling? Pursue it. Want to take up dragon boating? Go for it. Still a musician? Yeah, you’re not too old for it.

All you need is your passion, and an appetite to try new things.

Always remember, you’re ✨60+, and thriving.✨

Other Inspirational Seniors

Low Impact Fitness and Activity Ideas For Seniors

Think you’re not up for flippa ball or dragon boating? You have to do strenous exercises to keep active! At home, simple activities like getting dressed, having a conversation, singing, or reading, can maintain seniors’ motor and cognitive skills. Taking part in outdoor recreational activities together can also build social connections, and fulfil their emotional needs. Participating in regular physical activity can help to improve body balance, posture and flexibility, have better control of chronic disease symptoms, prevent falls and improve overall well-being. Here are some ideas for you and your senior loved ones.

Chores: Preparing food, folding clothes
Leisure: Gardening, painting, visit family-friendly parks, shopping
Intellectual: Playing chess, reading, visit Singapore’s museums
Physical: Doing Tai Chi or light exercises such as stretching, taking a stroll
Social: Having coffee with friends, grocery shopping
Spritual: Playing, singing hymns

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