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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mental Health Resources

View our collection of Mental Health resources, such as guides on caring for persons with dementia, and other caregiving suupport available in the community.

For service information, linkage, and resources on mental health or caregiving, email us at​

On Dementia

Living with Dementia - Knowing Dementia

A Resource Kit for Caregivers

Living with Dementia - Planning Care

A Resource Kit for Caregivers

Living With Dementia - Providing Care

A Resource Kit for Caregivers

Living with Dementia - Caring for Self

A Resource Kit for Caregivers

Dementia-Friendly Community - Living with People with Dementia

Learn more about the Dementia-Friendly Community.

Dementia-Friendly Communities Brochure

Accordion Brochure

Happy Mind, Healthy Life

Download the artwork for this magnet.

Your Guide to Understanding Dementia

Download for more information.

Supporting Seniors With Depression and Dementia (Good Life Crest)

Learn more.

Remembering For The Two Of Us

Download to read more.

Food For Thought

Healthy recipes for your loved ones.

Community Psychogeriatric Programme (CPGP)

Learn more about this programme.

Caregiver Resources E-Booklet

Developed by Caregiving and Community Mental Health Division, Agency for Integrated Care

COVID-19 Dementia Tips for Caregivers

E-Booklet on Dementia Tips for Caregivers during COVID-19

Six Principles of Dementia-Friendly Neighbourhood

This document outlines some guiding principles and features that are useful for making outdoor spaces and environments more friendly and welcoming to people living with dementia in the community.

Elderly-and-Dementia-Inclusive Environment Guide

An AIC-NYP Collaboration.

On Mental Health

Community Mental Health Resource Directory

Click here to read more.

Mental Health Tips In A Time Of COVID-19

This e-publication consolidates best of mental health tips.

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