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​​​​Roles in a Dementia-friendly Community​

​Here are some different ​roles individuals and organisations can play to make Singapore and communities more supportive for persons with dementia and their loved ones.

​​​​​​​​​Here's What You Can Do

​​​I Know
I Can​​I W​ant
​​As an Individual
  • Download the Dementia Friends App
  • Know the signs and symptoms of dementia
As an Organisation
  • Encourage your staff to download the Dementia Friends App
  • Hold dementia awareness talks

​​As an Individual
  • Be familiar with the KIND and CARE communication
As an Organisation
  • Be respectful, understanding & helpful towards persons with dementia and their caregivers
  • Provide resources by being a Go-To Point
​​As an Individual
  • Volunteer at any organisation serving persons with dementia
  • Keep a look out for persons with dementia in your community
As an Organisation
  • Set up a support gr​oup for working caregivers in your organisation
  • ​Adopt seniors with dementia as a CSR cause
​ ​


Dementia Friends App

We can play a part in building a caring and inclusive society to support persons with dementia and their families so that they feel respected, valued, and can continue to lead independent lives at home and in the community.

You can download it on Google Play store, or the Apple App Store.



Video Guides

Going Home

A short film depicting the journey of an old lady with dementia as she tries to find her way home to her granddaughter. Watch it here

Knowing Dementia

A description of the ABCD signs and symptoms through the eyes of a senior with dementia. Watch it here

Dementia-Friendly Community

An informational video describing the elements of a Dementia-Friendly community and how everyone can help. Watch it here

Forget Us Not

Through the eyes of a caregiver, this video depicts how a family and the community can support persons with dementia through heart-warming ways. Watch it here

Money No Enough 2 – Eat Already or Not?

A short clip that captures the forgetfulness of persons with dementia in a light-hearted local comedy scene. Watch it here​




​​​Training​Content Covered​Suitable For
​Dementia Awareness Talk
(1 hour​)
  • ABCD signs and symptoms of dementia
  • KIND and CARE Communication tips when interacting with persons with dementia
  • What is a Dementia-Friendly Community?
  • How you can play a part in a Dementia-Friendly Community​
  • Lunchtime talks
  • Anyone who is interested to know more about dementia
​​Dementia Awareness Workshop
(3 hours)
  • See content above
  • Person-Centred Care
  • Role-play and/or case discussions
Anyone likely to come across persons with dementia in their daily lives - e.g. grassroots leaders, frontline staff​​

​If you would like to organise a 1-hour dementia awareness training session at your workplace so that your colleagues can know more about dementia, you may contact​

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