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​​Helping Your Loved One Who Is Staying Alone

Dementia can affect your loved one's ability to communicate and go about their daily life.

Learn about the different ways a person in the different stages of dementia talks to others, and how you can respond when communicating with them. You can also learn about ways to keep them engaged in everyday activities, using a daily routine, to keep them mentally and physically active.

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Communicating Across Stages of Dementia

​Here are some ways dementia affects your loved one's ability to communicate with you and others.

Early Dementia

  • Able to participate in meaningful conversation with difficulty in articulating certain words.
  • Able to communicate in brief social interactions with difficulty functioning in prolonged social settings.
  • Difficulty with following lengthy conversations.

Moderate Dementia

  • Able to follow simple one- step instructions.
  • May understand written information in a word-by- word process.
  • Conversations are hard to follow.
  • Repetitive.

Advanced Dementia

  • Difficulty with verbal communication as vocabulary may be reduced.
  • Use of non-verbal communication methods is recommended.
  • Verbal expression may be in patches or strings of words and sounds.
  • Use of non-verbal communication methods is recommended.

​​​​​​​​​Designing a Daily Routine

Your loved one may have difficulties in performing their usual tasks as dementia progresses, so designing a daily routine is a good way to provide them with some structure. Planning activities they enjoy can be helpful in reducing agitation and improving your loved one's mood.

Before designing a daily routine, consider the following

  • Their likes, dislikes, strengths, abilities and interests
  • How your loved one used to plan his or her day
  • Times of the day when your loved one feels more alert
  • Ample time for meals, bathing, and dressing your loved one
  • Practising good sleeping habits by waking up and going to bed at regular timings
  • More can be found here.

Activities to Engage your Loved One

Keep your loved one mentally and physically active with suitable activities, so that they can feel happy and productive. In addition, people respond differently to various activities, so you should try them out and see which works best.

The important thing is to give them an enjoyable experience.

The outcome and product of the activity come second.

Here are some suggested activities to suit a lifestyle coping with dementia​


​Art & Craft





Holistic Engagement and Activities with a Reassuring Touch​


Home Management



​Reminiscing with Photos


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