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Building Capability of Community Partners

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Designed for Community Mental Health Care Professionals

As part of capability building and alignment of training standards for Community Mental Health Care Professionals, the Agency for Integrated Care worked with clinicians and com​munity practitioners to develop two competency frameworks and its associated assessment criteria, namely Mental Health Competency Framework and Dementia Care Competency Framework.

​​​​​​​​​Care and Suppo​rt in the Community

The competency frameworks look into:

  • Provide guidance in building capabilities across the health and social care workforce;
  • Align training intervention to a consistent model;
  • Identify training needs of professionals and para-professionals who support and care for person with dementia and the caregivers;
  • Assist employers to establish job descriptions; and
  • Support individuals' self-assessment of their own developmental needs.

​​​​​​​​​Structure of the framework

Tiered Approach - Developed in consultation with key stakeholders

​ ​


Building Capability in Mental Health and Dementia

Dementia Practitioners Community of Practice (CoP)

AIC has set up a Dementia Practitioners (DPs) CoP to enable practitioners to learn from each other and build capabilities in dementia care. The CoP provides a platform to upskill existing staff to facilitate the transition of GDDCs to the merged DDC service, and aims to support all DPs in delivering quality centre-based dementia care and produce a centre-based dementia care guidelines for DPs.

You may access information regarding the Community of Practice for Dementia Practitioners below:

CoP Session 1

Resources For Partners


Case Scenarios Toolkit On Managing Behaviours of Concern

To help care professionals manage behaviours of concern, a booklet of 11 sample case scenarios has been collated to provide suggestions to help you manage the different cases in the community.

Video Resources

To help mental health/dementia care professionals cement learning concepts and demonstrate application of skills, two localised videos have been produced that focus on ‘Engaging Resistant Clients’ and ‘De-escalating Conflicts’ via a total of 6 case scenarios. Watch them here.



Setting Up Caregiver Support Network

This video is to empower community partners and individuals in setting up a Caregiver Support Network that emphasises self-care, peer support and recognising caregivers’ well-being in the community.


Setting Up Go-To Point

This video is to empower partners in setting up a Go-To Point that serves as a “resource centre” and “safe return” point where members of the public can bring persons living with dementia who may be lost for help.


An Introduction to Person-Centred Care

Learn about the concept of person-centred care and how to apply it in your daily interactions with persons living with dementia through case scenarios.


Person-Centred Care from a Management's Perspective

Mr Stephen Chan (Dementia Singapore) and Mdm Low Mui Lang (Peacehaven Nursing Home) share on why and how they implemented PCC at their care setting, and how it has benefitted their clients/residents.



We have also organised online learning webinars to share best practices such as Dementia-Friendly Environment Design and inviting care professionals to share experiences. Learn more here.

Based on feedback to AIC, most caregivers do not know where to search nor have time to read through the many resources. As such, AIC has put together a top 5 curated list of resources for caregivers which you can share with them. While the top 5 curated resources provide quick help, we do recognise that partners may need support in sieving out the relevant resources for the caregivers. Complementing the top 5 resources, a consolidated listing of resources has also been pulled together to address the varied needs of the caregivers.

Top 5 Mental Health Resources


Click on image to download it.

Top 5 Dementia Resources


Click on image to download it.

More Resources

If you would like to find out more on respective resources, you may click here or find out more below: •

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