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Community Care Manpower Development Awards

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​​The Community Care Awards platform recognises and celebrates th​e outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations dedicated to the Community Care sector.

As one of the three Community Care Awards, the Community Care Manpower Development Awards provides opportunities for in-service staff or new joiners looking to pursue and grow a career in the Community Care sector.​​​​​​


The awards cater for entry and advanced skills training in a range of clinical and non-clinical areas. CCMDA covers short courses, formal academic programmes and attachments to local or overseas healthcare and Community Care facilities. Its Visiting Expert scheme also funds the invitation of a local or overseas expert to visit your organisation for training. The expert should possess skills and knowledge that are relevant to the Community Care sector.

To apply for CCMDA, you will need to be either (i) a staff working in the Community Care sector or (ii) a student or mid-career switcher with a strong motivation to make a difference to the lives of seniors. Applications should be made through your organisation.

The 2023 Awards

List of Awardees

You can view the full list of awardees for the 2023 C​CMDA here.


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