We are The Heart of Care

As The Heart of Care, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) serves Singapore’s seniors and caregivers, so that everyone can live and age well. Your one-stop resource for Community Care, we help you make the most of your golden years by supporting your goals and growth. We also bring the community closer to you, so that you can participate easily and actively in community life. See how getting older can lead to your best years ever, with AIC by your side.

Our Story

AIC’s roots began in 1992, when we were set up as the Care Liaison Services (CLS) under the Ministry of Health (MOH). Today, AIC works to create a vibrant care community that will enable Singaporeans to live well and age gracefully. Working closely with partners in the Community Care sector, we support them in service development and manpower-capability building to improve the quality of care across Singapore. Read more about us here.


If you are caring for a senior or person living with dementia, or mental health conditions, we can help connect you to financial support and resources to help you care for yourself and your loved one.

Learn more about Caregiving services that can help you here:

Home Care

Did you know you can receive medical, nursing, and rehabilitation services at home? Ask us if you would like to be connected to these services, or if you need help with Activities of Daily Living.

Learn more about Home Care services that can help you here:

Active Ageing

It’s fun to exercise your body and mind! Explore exciting active ageing programmes near you, and learn more about health and wellness with AIC.

Learn more about Active Ageing services that can help you here:


What’s your vision of ageing well? Speak to our Silver Generation Ambassadors to stay connected and help us understand your needs, so that we can support your growth on your own terms.

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