What is Caregiving?

A caregiver provides support to a loved one who may need assistance due to illness, disability, and other health conditions.

Caregiving isn’t about doing it on your own.
Caregiving isn’t giving up on your social life.
Caregiving isn’t stressing over medications and injections.
Caregiving isn’t about counting every dollar.

At AIC, we see you care, and we want to help you care better.

Prepare your journey of caregiving for a loved one with us, through our training programs and financial support schemes.

We See You Care

Caregiving is woven into the fabric of our society, but is often overlooked.

With this campaign, our aim is to shine a spotlight on the unseen caregiver – fulfilling daily responsibilities invisible to most, even themselves, and provide support when needed. Learn what you can do for your loved ones with AIC.

You don’t have to care alone, because #WeSeeYouCare.

Roles of a Caregiver

Caregiving isn’t about providing support for your loved one in their day-to-day activities. Understand your own needs and capabilities, and find a balance between work, caregiving and your personal time.

Learn more about the skills and knowledge needed at every step of the caregiving journey through the Learning Guidebook for Caregivers.

Importance of Self-Care

Self-care means taking time to care for yourself, keeping yourself healthy and happy. Caring for yourself may relieve the day-to-day stress and recharge you for the caregiving journey ahead. Learn to recognise the signs of stress here.

Caregiver Training

Continuous learning and upskilling can help you with your caregiving. If you are a first-time caregiver, you may feel scared or unprepared. There are knowledge and skills which you can learn to create a safe and supportive environment for your loved one.

Financial Assistance

Caregiving isn’t always trying to make sense of the bills for your loved one. Learn about financial grants and schemes available to support you in your caregiving journey.

Here are some to consider:

  • Caregivers’ Training Grant
  • Home Caregiving Grant
  • Migrant Domestic Worker Levy Concession
  • Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund

Caregiving Resources

Caregivers should be equipped with caregiving knowledge, tips and tools on how to support your loved ones better. Find a list of caregiving resources, support in the community, and learn from other caregivers here.

Plan Ahead

Learn more about future planning for your caregiving needs here.


You can be a student, working mother or retiree, and still be a caregiver. Care that goes unseen is still caregiving.

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