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​​​Community Outreach Teams and Community Resource Engagement and Support Team​

Left on their own, clients and their caregivers may not recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions or know where to seek help, and may delay treatment. Learn how Community Outreach Teams, or CRES​T - Community Resource Engagement and Support Teams​, can help such families.

What Does CREST Do

The Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (CREST) is a community outreach team that serves as a community safety network for people with and/at risk of depression, dementia and other mental health conditions. It also supports their caregivers with resources they need to continue to care for their loved ones at home and in the community.

In your neighbourhood, you can approach the Community Outreach Teams which are driven by the social service agencies. Other than raising public awareness of mental wellness, the Community Outreach Teams (CREST) provide screening to promote the recognition of early signs and symptoms of mental health conditions at your home.

If you need a listening ear for emotional support or need help to be linked up with other services, they will be able to support you.

How The Programme Supported Mr And Mrs Chan

71-year-old Mr Chan, a former admin worker, stays with his wife and two children. He has dementia and chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, nose cancer and hypopituitarism.

Due to his condition, he is always confined at home and hardly goes out to socialise. Due to his hearing impairment, he tends to talk loudly which embarrasses his wife. Over time, his wife experienced caregiver burden and lacked confidence in communicating with her husband. During a home visit by a Silver Generation Ambassador, Mrs Chan shared her problem and was referred to a nearby CREST team.

The CREST team invited Mrs Chan to participate in the centre’s social and music activities where she found an opportunity to interact with other people. Mr Chan accompanies her to these events and socialises with other seniors at the centre.

​Today, Mr Chan can be seen happily socialising with other elderly at the centre and he has become more cheerful. This has eased Mrs Chan’s caregiver burden. She has also learnt sel​f-care methods to manage her caregiver stress.

Find a CREST provider near you using this ​​list​​.​

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