Introduction to Medical Escort and Transport

The service provides transportation and/or someone to accompany clients to travel to and from their homes for medical appointments and treatments (for example, at hospitals, specialist outpatient clinics, or polyclinics). 

It is for those who need help to move around, and have no caregiver, or whose caregiver is unable to provide support because of their own health and physical condition.

Services Provided

The services may include:​

How To Apply

Note: In line with Ministry of Health's measures, Community Care services will gradually resume in a controlled manner from Phase 1 (2 June 2020). For more details, click here.

If you require further assistance, do call our AIC Hotline at 1800-650-6060.


Get a referral from a hospital or polyclinic that your elderly visits, or visit an ​​AIC Link​ near you. 

For eligible clients, the service will cost approximately between $62 and $90 per round trip (before subsidies). Subsidies are available depending on the means-test result. 


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Medical Escort and Transport
Medical Escort and Transport
Medical Escort and Transport
Medical Escort and Transport
Medical Escort and Transport | Agency for Integrated Care Singapore