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Caregiver Support Action Plan

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​​​​​Why is a Caregiver Support Action Plan Important​?

​​Caregivers to seniors will play an increasingly important role as our population ages. By 2030, one in four Singaporeans will be over 65 years old and the care needs of the population will increase. At the same time, our family sizes are shrinking. As a result, the old-age support ratio will decrease with growing caregiving burden. Working caregivers will need to strike a balance in employment and your own family responsibilities.​

To address the needs of caregivers, MOH together with partner agencies developed a Caregiver Support Action Plan to strengthen caregiver support in caring for your loved ones. There are five focus areas such as care navigation, financial support, workplace support, caregiver respite options, and caregiver empowerment and training which are in the development.


Source: Ministry of Health

For more information on Caregiver Support Action Plan, click here.​

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