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​​Setting Up a Care Routine

As a caregiver, one way to manage your tasks and responsibilities is to set up a care routine. A care routine can minimise arguments, confusion, and reduce the stress of decision making. This makes caring for your loved one easier. This consistent schedule can include daily activities such as personal hygiene, mealtimes, taking their medication or checking of blood sugar, exercising, and socialising.

The "4 Ps" — Planning, Perform, People and Pace

The “4 Ps” – Planning, Perform, People, Pace – is an easy guide to help you start planning a routine with your loved one.

As a caregiver, your time is precious, with many tasks to do in a day. With a routine, you and your loved one benefit from better time and care management. To begin, let’s follow these four steps as a guide.



  1. List Down the daily tasks and activities that need to be done (morning, afternoon, and evening)
  2. Understand the needs, preferences, and abilities of your loved one
  3. Have an open discussion with your family to decide who does what
  4. For caregivers, plan some activities for yourself



  1. Use the care routine as a guide on what to do and look out for throughout the day
  2. Adjust and improvise the routine as needed, so that you and your loved one are comfortable



  1. Plan for extra help in activities if you are unable to manage, due to physical or time limitations. There are care services available to support you
  2. Communicate regularly with other family members on the condition of your elderly loved one
  3. Allocate tasks and responsibilities to family members or friends, to ease the load. This may include financial planning, transportation, and meal preparation



  1. Take the time to perform the activities without over-exerting yourself or your loved one
  2. Make sure you and your loved one get adequate rest between activities

Care Routine Template

We have prepared an easy guide to help you start planning a routine with your loved ones.

Download our basic care routine guide and template here.

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