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​​​​​​​​​​Community Mental Health Care And Support

​In Singapore, persons at risk or with mental health conditions, including dementia, can benefit from an integrated mental health network that aims to help them live well in the community. This support also extends to their caregivers.

The network brings together health, social, and Community Care providers who serve persons with mental health conditions, and their families. Read on to learn more about the Community Mental Health services available.

If you need advice or support on any mental health issues, you may email c​​​​.

Community Resource Engagement and Support Team (CREST)

Left on their own, clients and their caregivers may not recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions or know where to seek help, and may delay treatment.

The Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (CREST) Is a community outreach team that serves as a community safety network for people with and/at risk of depression, dementia and other mental health conditions. It also supports their caregivers with resources they need to continue to care for their loved ones at home and in the community.

Services Provided

The CREST team comprises social service professionals and community liaison coordinators, and provide the following services:

  • Raise awareness of mental health through outreach events to residents and caregivers
  • Promote the recognition of early signs and symptoms of mental illnesses
  • Regular home visits to clients and their caregivers
  • Provide person-centric care (social and health), information, and support for clients and caregivers through basic emotional support, follow-up, and service linkage
  • Network and engage community partners and coordinate mental health training and education

ABCDs of Dementia and Mental Health Condition

Some CREST teams focus on active ageing through ABCDs of Dementia and Mental Health Condition, serving seniors living in three, four, and five-room flats. These seniors are well but at risk, living at home with little family support, or experiencing empty nest syndrome. The CREST teams keep the seniors physically active through cognitive stimulation activities, and create opportunities for the seniors to socialise with one another.

They also provide mood and memory screening to so mental health conditions are detected early, and these seniors can be treated promptly.

Click here​ to find out the list of CREST near you.

​ ​

​​​​​​​​​Mood & Dementia Screening

​Mood and Dementia screenings conducted at across Singapore as part of with Project Silver Screen. If you would like to learn more on the location, please email​. ​​

Learn more about depression and dementia below.​​​​

Mood (Depression)

Depression is common in Singapore. It affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Everyone feels sad at some point in our lives, but depression can cause you to feel sad and/or a loss of interest in activities for prolonged period till it disrupts your daily life activities.

​​Do You Know?

Depression is treatable. ​With diagnosis and support, you can continue to live your life to the fullest.

Click here to read more.


Dementia affects the brain, resulting in memory loss, difficulties with language, recognition, planning and performing complex task. It is not a natural part of ageing. There are several stages for the progression of dementia.

Do You Know?

​1 in 10 seniors above the age of 60 years old has dementia. Dementia can also occur to those in their 40s or 50s too.

Click here to read more.

If you need advice or support on any mental health issues, you may email c​

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Living With Conditions

Persons with mental health conditions are well supported to stay integrated in their community, where they can live, work and age with their loved ones. This is made possible through the wide range of care services and teams that support them at home, and empower them to manage their conditions. Caregivers are also given the help needed to cope with their responsibilities.

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