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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Community Care Excellence Awards​

​​​​​The biennial Community Care Excellence Awards were first introduced by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in 2014. The Community Care Excellence Awards aim to recognise the contributions of individuals and project teams who have demonstrated exemplary service and commitment in delivering quality care to their clients in the Community Care sector.


Individual Gold Award Winners

“To​ me, being a palliative nurse, ​excellence means advocating for the patient to have a good death, and the family to have a good closure for them to move on.”

- Ms Lydia Quah Mei Hwei, Senior Staff Nurse, Dover Park Hospice

“Treat them (the residents) as your family members, and provide them a home away from home for them to feel safe and happy.”

- Ms Mary Leen Castaneda Abadiano, ​Senior Staff Nurse, Econ Healthcare​​

“I have been in community nursing for about 13 years. You must have the passion to do your best for others.”

- Mdm Susan Seah Ah Moy, Senior Staff Nurse, Home Nursing Foundation​​

“To make a difference to every patient that we touch is never a solo affair. It involves the whole multi-disciplinary team effort to make an impact on​ the patient while they are with us.”​

- Dr Alvin Ong Cong Wei, Consultant, Jurong Community Hospital​​

“One of the important values that my parents have taught me since I was ​young is to do unto others as how you would like other people to do to you.”​

- Dr Azri Bin Bohari, Resident Physician, Jurong Community Hospital

“As a community physiotherapists, we work with the social worker and case managers to support the patient and family members with their care needs. Other than looking after the physical wellbeing of our patient, we also provide patient​ education and social support to improve their quality of life."​

- Mr Kyaw Swar Winn (Joshua), Physiotherapist, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

“When my colleagues and I​ bring fun to the elderly to make them laugh and when the seniors say “Thank You”, it warms my heart.” ​

- Mdm Tiong Hoong Yin, Senior Therapy Assistant, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital​​

“Excellence and care means to be able to ignite the spirit of our patients and residents,​ which is often seen through the light in their eyes.”

- Ms Nur Sahara B Kamsani, Medical Social Worker, Ren Ci Hospital

“The most important thing is about journeying with the patient and the caregiver, to let them feel like they have been supported throughout this whole journey because it is a difficult time fo​r everyone.”

- Dr Teoh Ren Shang, Senior Resident Physician, Singapore Cancer Society

“Seeing my residents recover and seeing them get what they want, and at the end of the day being independent to a certain extent makes me feel like this is my calling, and what I should be doing.”

- Ms Punitha D/O Ram Keelavan, Nurse Manager, Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home​​

“I always treat my patients as my friends and journey together with them. What satisfies me the most is to see the patient recover well and to go home to be with their loved ones.”

- Ms Tan Swee Kim, Senior Nurse Manager, Yishun Community Hospital

Individual Silver Award Winners

Download the list of Individual Silver Award winners here.

Team Award Winners


Apex Harmony Lodge - Therapy through Work for Young Onset and Early Stage Dementia


Ren Ci Hospital - Streamlining Financial Assistance


SPD - Peek-A-Boo: I Know What My Child Does In The Classroom


NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd - NTUC Health Nursing Home Return to Continence Programme


St Luke’s ElderCare Ltd - Implementing Exercise for Strength (EFS) Group Exercise Class in Day Rehabilitation Centres for Frail Elders


Yishun Community Hospital - Opportunistic Screening of Cognitive Impairment of the Elderly by Cognitive Spark Team


SPD - Satellite Assistive Technology Loan Libraries Implementing a Hub and Spoke Model

The Salvation Army, Peacehaven Nursing Home - Benefits of Using a Gravity Feeding Set for Bolus Tube Feeding in a Nursing Home


Yishun Community Hospital - 30% Man-hours Saved Using Ultrasonic Assisted Wound Debridement​​

Team Merit Award Winners

Download the list of Team Merit Award winners here.

Timeline for Community Care Excellence Award Nomination

Registration open for Excellence Award nomination
From 1 November 2019
Closing date for submission of Excellence Award nomination form 28 February 2020

(Extended to 20 March 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak)

Announcement of Excellence Award recipients Between July and October 2020
Excellence Award Ceremony November 2020

Nomination Forms Available for Download

Submission window period for the Excellence Awards have closed, and we thank you for the support. If you would like to provide a project submission related to innovation, please continue to do so.

For Innovation Showcase Submission Form: Download here.

Innovation Showcase submission to be made to by 28 May 2020, 5PM.

Contact Information for Further Enquiries

For enquiries, please email to awards secretariat at or call 66321110 / 66036814.

Individual Awards

Community Care Excellence Awards - Individual Awards recognise outstanding individuals who have displayed excellent service standards and made significant contributions both within and outside their organisation. There are 2 categories of awards:

  1. Individual - Gold Award
  2. Individual - Silver Award

The Selection Panel will evaluate the nominations based on the following:

Individual Award Evaluation Criteria

Individual - Gold Award Individual - Silver Award
  • Minimum 2 years of Service
  • 3 Service Quality Awards (Internal / External)
  • 4 External Compliments
  • 1 Service Quality Awards (Internal / External)
  • 2 External Compliments
  • Compulsory: Recommendation Letter by CEO/HOD
  • Compulsory: Participation in at least one quality improvement project and/or have suggested and implemented a suggestion, with plans to spread to more areas

Individual award recipients will receive the following:

Gold Award
Silver Award
  • $200
  • Individual Award Trophy
  • Award certificate
  • $100
  • Award certificate

Note: Recipients must remain in service of their nominating organisation at the point of receiving the award. The Secretariat reserves the right to assess the eligibility of the external compliments and recognitions, and to request for more information to support the nomination where necessary. Please refer to the Individual Award nomination form for more award criteria details.

Team Awards

Community Care Excellence Awards - Team Awards acknowledge outstanding quality improvement projects and initiatives implemented by teams in community care organisations. There are 3 categories of awards:

1. Clinical Quality Improvement Award: This award recognises outstanding projects that have improved clinical care processes, patients'/clients’ clinical outcome or safety. Project scope could include but is not limited to infection control, hand hygiene, falls prevention, skin care, urinary continence care.

2. Client Experience Improvement Award: This award recognises outstanding projects that have improved client/staff experience and satisfaction. Project scope could include but is not limited to wellness initiatives, recreational and social activities (music, art, creative movement and Tai Chi), gardening, family day, festival celebration, environment improvement programme, reminiscence group work, improvements on quality of food.

3. Productivity Improvement Award: This award recognises outstanding projects that have brought increased productive and innovative impact leading to savings in operating cost or increase in efficiency. Project scope could include but is not limited to 6S and Lean projects, enhanced efficiency of discharge processes, improved storage and replenishment of medication process. Organisations must demonstrate how the process improvement lead to a significant productive or innovative impact.

The Selection Panel will evaluate the projects based on the following:

Criteria Clinical Quality Improvement Award Client Experience Improvement Award Productivity Improvement Award
Five Common Criteria


Project methodology



Learning values

Specific Criteria Demonstrate improvement in clinical work that leads to positive care outcomes Demonstrate improvement in service oriented work that results in improved client/staff satisfaction Demonstrate improvement to current work that results in better productivity outcome (Time, Cost, People)

Team award recipients will receive the following:

Winning Team Merit Teams
  • $1,000
  • Team award trophy
  • Award certificate
  • $200
  • Award certificate

Note: The Secretariat reserves the right to assess the eligibility of the nomination and to request for more information to support the nomination where necessary. Please refer to the Team Award nomination form for more award criteria details.


If you have further queries, please contact the CCEA Secretariat at

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