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Means Testing

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​​​​​Introduction to Means-Testing

Means-test is a method to calculate the subsidies you will receive from the government when you use care services. It ensures that patients from lower-income households receive more subsidies than those from higher-income households.

The means-test approach for MSF-funded services is based on Hou​​sehold Means-Testing.​

What is Household Means-Testing?​​​​​​​

It considers the household monthly income per person.

By family members living in the household, it refers to all related family members (i.e. related by blood, marriage or legal adoption) staying at the same residential address with the patient or care recipient, as indicated in their NRICs.

  • This includes in-laws, siblings, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins, step and legally adopted children, among others.

By total monthly gross earnings, it refers to:

  • For salaried employees - average monthly employment income received over the last available 12-month period, including bonuses.
  • ​For self-employed: (a) the monthly income derived from the last available net trade income as assessed by IRAS within the last two assessment years OR (b) the income declared to the CPF Board or the income assum​ed under the CPF laws within the last two years.

For households with no income, the annual value of their residence will be considered instead. This situation could arise for instance, in the case of an elderly retired couple whose children have moved out into homes of their own.

For details of the means-test assessment, please refer to the Household Means-Test Declar​a​​tion Form.

To learn about the subsidy rates, visit this MO​H link​.

How to Apply?​​​​​​

To apply for MSF Funded subsidies, the easiest way is to approach the staff or the Medical Social Workers (also known as MSWs) of the Restructured Hospital, Community Hospital or a care coordina​tor. He or she will help you with your application for subsidies by first bringing you thro​ugh the Means-Test Declaration Form.

Household Means-Test Results are valid for 2 years.

If you have previously applied for any financial schemes or grants (eg. CHAS​), your Means-Test results could still be valid.​


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