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Signs And Symptoms Of Dementia

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​​​​​​​Common Signs and Symptoms

There are several stages of dementia, with the experience different for each person. In all types of dementia, memory problems are the early signs.

The deterioration in cognitive skills is gradual and in later stages, daily activities will become increasingly challenging without assistance.​

​​​​​​​​​Signs and Symptoms (ABCDs) Across Stages of Dementia

Keeping track of your loved one’s signs and symptoms of dementia can help you identify the condition’s progression.

These behaviours are also a result of their condition, and understanding this can help you, as the caregiver, better understand why these changes are taking place, and how you can manage them.​​

Stages Of Dementia

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For more information, please visit the Alzheimer's Association Website here. If you need advice or support on dementia, you may email

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